A Profile in Courage and Persistence 






Nijazi Sadiku was discharged from care at Holy Trinity Nursing & Rehabilitation Center on January 3, 2018. During the final stages of Nijazi’s stay at Holy Trinity it became very clear that the phrase “A Profile in Courage and Persistence” would be an apt description of his story. 


Nijazi’s Story 

Nijazi was born in Tirana, Albania. Nijazi worked as a mechanical engineer in Tirana until he moved to the USA (Worcester, MA) in 2004. He and his family became members of St Mary’s Assumption Albanian Orthodox church. 


It wasn’t until December 22, 2016 that Nijazi was first admitted to Holy Trinity Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. At that time, his admitting diagnoses revolved around circulatory problems and diabetes. He came into Holy Trinity after a bypass graft on his right foot. The hope was his right foot could be saved. Unfortunately for Nijazi, complications had developed and eventually his foot was amputated. 


This post-surgical amputation in the hospital resulted in Nijazi’s return to Holy Trinity to receive additional treatment. His treatment at that time focused on physical rehabilitation, as well as, supportive services. 


While rehabbing from this operation, Nijazi’s left foot developed a non-healing ulcer. His left foot eventually was amputated as well. Even with his devastating experiences, he never gave up. Nijazi‘s will to overcome these life challenges far and away exceeded his frustrations and depression. 


Upon his return from the hospital, Nijazi’s road to a “new life” included 3 trips per week to dialysis and a double fitting for prosthetics. Once fitted for his prosthetics, Nijazi had to learn how to stand and then walk. At first Nijazi worked on the parallel bars, then graduated to using a walker and finally graduated to using crutches. 


Nijazi’s journey was not a secret to any of Holy Trinity’s residents and staff alike. Everyone watched and marveled at his progression. Many residents referred to him as “a role model”. 

Nijazi told staff his journey was a difficult and emotional one. He is quite complimentary of the “team at Holy Trinity, especially the rehab team”. “I never thought I would walk again and now I am”. On the day he transferred home there were many smiles of appreciation and happiness being shared, Nijazi to staff and vice versa. 


Today, Nijazi is home and living a normal life. He states he has a great social life where many Albanians share his interests. He is happy! 

 (L-R) Anthony Sullo, Director of Rehabilitation Services, 

Nijazi Sadiku, Nobough Asfoura, O.T., Ajitha Pawar, P.T.